RPS specializes in the high performance daily driver or work truck.  This can range from 300 RWHP high mpg truck to a compound turbo 700 RWHP all out streetable/workable monster.

Both trucks are still engineered with consistent high power reliability in mind.  RPS achieves your goals with technical skill and proven experience.  RPS does not use one size fits all (or nothing) parts, but specs parts or custom builds to your job.  We build trucks from A-Z, and are ready for your suspension and power train challenges.

Custom Shop
RPS will customize any part on your rig for optimum power and performance.

RPS builds competition winning V and Inline motors, we will custom design all aspects of your build to the highest quality and design excellence.

RPS is equipped to handle all machining, balancing, custom engine parts, manufacturing and the final build.

RPS also designs custom single and compound turbo set-ups for ANY application.

We can also design custom suspension and air ride to suit any work or competition needs.

If you want something you don’t see, call or e-mail Rich.